Making TtV's | 09.01.2008 | Kommentare [3]

Seeben, December 2007.

This picture was intended to be a contribution to the photo project “Shoot yourself” initiated by Brian Auer and Martin Gommel. However, I decided otherwise, as you may know. By the way, since today you can see all 66 project entries here. Highly interesting, check it out!

Still I found the picture quite useful to show some things so I decided to post it today with some additional stuff.
Perhaps you’ve been wondering how some of my pictures are shot (e.g. this or that) and here is shown the way to do it. It is always fun to play around with this apparatus and it’s worth all the suspicious looks people are throwing when you appear with it. The technique is called “Through the Viewfinder” (TtV) and it is accomplished by taking pictures through the viewfinder of another camera. The lense on the lower end of the “trunk” is part of a Kodak Duaflex III, an old 6×6 camera. On the upper end you (don’t) see a normal SLR with a macro lense (just as a dummy instead of the DSLR, which was mounted on the tripod to take the shot). I prepared a short tutorial in German, which can be found below. A longer introduction in English to TtV can be found following this link.

Short TtV-Tutorial (German)