Triple-Self | 08.11.2007 | Kommentare [6]

At home, November 2007.

From time to time the Feldauge feels that questioning your point of view is quite helpful to get further. After several days with heavy fog (and fill up the memory card several times), occasions for which I have waited quite a long time, now it seems to me that simple landscape-photography has its limits. Its all about the right place and the right moment. The pefect outcome should be a balanced composition of motive, colors and light. It should provoke a feeling of calmness, an uncertain yearning, an admiration of the facettes of nature. Of course, this is the idea and far from reality. Photographing natural landscapes is the search for this ideal, an unreachable goal und thus, something very romantical, even boring. Although I live in an area that is strongly formed by human hand, I always try to catch the romantic idea of a landscape.

Perhaps it is time to change how I look at things, perhaps.