Crossed | 25.01.2008 | Kommentare [5]

Seeben, January 2008.

For one year I’ve been photographing with a digitial SLR camera. Now, I shot on film again. I wanted to know how cross processing may influence a picture. Crossing is the processing of slide films using the chemicals for negative films and vice versa. Thus, my slides (cheap Agfa CT Precisa) turned into negatives. Negatives, however, are quite difficult to scan without a profile for the used film. And of course for my film scanner no one thought of making a profile for a crossed slide film. So I’m not exactly sure whether the shown digital result reflects the analogue original. At least I have the impression that crossing intensifies colors and contrasts and brings out the grain, which is in accordance with descriptions that you can read in the web.

If you are wondering what you see here: It’s the front side of my beekeepers hut. Each of the windows could be the home for a bee colony. So many colonies would be quite a piece of work, so I only keep two colonies and these reside outside the hut in a separate home.
I didn’t remove the dust and scratches from the scan for reasons of authenticity …or just laziness ;)