am 07.12.2009

The result is strange and beautiful. What amazes me more is the 63 days exposition. What about the rain, or any other external factors? How can you keep the can on the same place for so long?


 am 07.12.2009

I used a lot of tape to tie the can on a tree.
On the right trunk you can see that the can or the paper inside was moved slightly during exposure, so the fixation was not complete.
I was surprised as well that no moisture came into the the can. But possibly the pinhole is too small to allow more to pass than light.


 am 07.12.2009

This is absolutely amazing and brilliant. What a cool and creative way of photographing and what a stunning result. Respect to you and your patience!


 am 08.12.2009

I can only agree and I take my hat off to you! Your patience has been awarded by a truly fascinating image.


 am 09.12.2009

Absolut toller Effekt! Hätte nicht gedacht, dass sich die Sonnenbahnen so fifferenziert gegeneinander abzeichnen. Bin schon sehr gespannt auf die weitere “Ernte”.

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