am 06.12.2008

Amazing image, Awesome use of DOF


 am 07.12.2008

Excellent macro work and b/w treatment.


 am 10.12.2008

Amazing impact! Though I do not understand the title. My immediate thought was a sense of urgency and struggle as the upturned spiky spent flower heads are striving to reach up for something – seems very motivated to me.


 am 11.12.2008

Thanks guys! I’m not really satisfied with this shot, but glad you like it even so.

Eric, I titled this one ‘Hercules’ because its the inflorescence of Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum), which translates in German to something like ‘The herb of Hercules’.


 am 20.12.2008

I see now the title is Hercules. But there is a comment by you ’...somewhat unmotivated’. Maybe that refers to your state of mind rather than the image. Trotzdem, I like the image

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